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This is simple.  That is simply because all you have to do is to choose the photo slideshow, click on the "edit" button and then select "audio".  You then need to click on the "add desktop" button so as to bring the audio to the slideshow.  You need to note that for optimal results that you should add 1 tune at a time.

 How can you save a project document?

 When you've worked on an audio or movie file and you would like to save it, then you can do this readily.  Here you just have to click on the DVD founder icon that is generally found on the left corner.  When you've completed that you need to click on "save" or "save as" to be able to save your job.

 How can you make a movie?

 When you've loaded the source documents to the item, you need to click on the edit button so as to open the movie edit window.  There are two manners in which you'll be able to make a movie.

 The first way is by simply choosing the facet patio.  Here you are able to choose an output aspect ratio in the zoom drop-down listing.  There are normally six alternatives to pick from. 

The next way is by simply dragging the cropping frame.  Here you have to transfer your mouse pointer on among the eight little adjustment boxes onto the cropping frame and then drag the harvest frame to be able to harvest the movie.  After you've dragged the cropping frame, the cropped video will show up in the perfect preview window.

 oing so is simple.  That is simply because all you want to do is to click on the edit button to be able to start the movie edit window.  You need to go to this "watermark tab" and then choose startup watermark. 

 How can you eliminate distorted lines at a burnt document?

 You need to click on the "edit" button and then choose "improve".  A drop-down listing will come up.  You need to select all of the choices other than "للمزيد عن صانع الفيديو من الصور والاغاني".

 Would you play a film with no beginning from the DVD menu?

  Here you want to click the "alternative tab" and you'll find three choices under disk playback mode.  You need to choose "beginning from first name and play with all names sequentially" choice and you'll have the ability to play the film without beginning from your DVD menu.

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